KLT Benefits

Instructional strategies that workThe Keeping Learning on Track (KLT) program benefits students by:

  • Increasing awareness of where they are in relation to learning targets
  • Giving them the ability to articulate their strengths and needs
  • Making them active participants in the learning process, with a multitude of techniques that allow for students to monitor their progress
  • Motivating them to learn

The KLT program benefits teachers by:

  • Offering a user-friendly theoretical framework that connects theory and research to daily practice
  • Providing teachers with a wide range of effective, practical, everyday teaching techniques that are easily adapted to their own subject, grade and classroom situation
  • Providing tangible, sustained support for ongoing learning, practice, reflection and adjustment
  • Satisfying more than 45 Professional Development hours per year (or more than 100 for teachers who lead their Teacher Learning Communities)

The KLT program benefits principals by:

  • Enhancing staff knowledge about formative assessment and how to use evidence of student learning as the basis for changes in instruction
  • Helping turn schools into collegial, collaborative learning communities
  • Increasing teacher satisfaction and engagement by treating them as professionals and helping them to achieve results quickly

Keeping Learning on Track (KLT) benefits superintendents by:

  • Filling gaps in current teacher professional development offerings (e.g., principles of formative assessment/assessment for learning; effective instructional strategies; engaging students in learning)
  • Offering tools and support for continuous improvement

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